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Although small in size, great in capabilities. The Digispark ATTINY85 Mini USB Development Board is similar to the Arduino but cheaper and smaller (of course a bit less powerful). With a whole host of shields to extend its functionality and the ability to use the familiar Arduino IDE, this board is a great way to jump into microcontroller electronics.

Complete USB Development Board Cheap Enough to Leave in a Project. If you have never heard of the Digispark ATtiny board before, it may take you more than a moment to understand its full power and potential. So read this carefully:

Firstly, its a 20MHz, AVR 8-bit microcontroller with 8 KB flash, 512 bytes of RAM

You get up to 5 GPIOs, 4 ADCs, 2 PWMs, 1 SPI, and 1 I2C[*]

Secondly, it’s fully compatible with Arduino

Thirdly, it can be directly programmed via USB without needing any other programmer!

And finally, it is available at a cheap price!!

The Digispark is shipped fully assembled except for the two included and easy-to-solder headers.

High Performance, Low Power AVR 8-Bit Microcontroller
Non-volatile Program and Data Memories
8K Bytes of In-System Programmable Program Memory Flash
Endurance: 10,000 Write/Erase Cycles
512 Bytes In-System Programmable EEPROM
512 Bytes Internal SRAM
Peripheral Features
Two High-Frequency PWM Outputs with Separate Output Compare Registers
USI Universal Serial Interface (12C, SPI, 1-wire) with Start Condition Detector
10-bit ADC
4 Single-Ended Channels
Two Differential ADC Channel Pairs with Programmable Gain (1x, 20x)
Speed Grade
0 10 MHz @ 2.7 5.5V, 0 20 MHz @ 4.5 5.5V
Industrial Temperature Range
Low Power Consumption
Active Mode:1 MHz, 1.8V: 300 A

Weight.100 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 15 cm

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