Infrared (IR) Proximity/Obstacle Detecting Sensor Module

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Product Description

This is an Infrared based proximity sensor which are great for obstacle avoidance and line following robots. Our infrared transceiver module contains an infrared transmitter and a receiver fit in a compact form on a tiny board. Transmitter emits infrared light and another receiver (photo-transistor) receives that IR light after reflection. The module can be used to identify an obstacle or a nearest object

– Onboard LED indicates if the module is connected properly
– Another onboard LED indicates when threshold values are touched (turns on)
– Great for DIY projects and Arduino beginners
– M3 Mounting holes to mount the module on your desk or project
– Proximity range up to 7 centimeters depending on the obstructing object and surrounding environment.

Weight.100 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 15 cm