XL6009 DC-DC Step-up Module with Adjustable Booster Power Supply


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Product Description

This module is a non-isolated step-up (boost) voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage and high efficiency. Description: Xtw6009 is a 4 a switch current high-performance step-up (boost) module. The xl6009e1 module uses the second generation of high frequency switch technology as the core chip, lm2577 performance far beyond the first generation of technology. Xl6009 booster module cost is lower, performance is more outstanding, lm2577 module will be eliminated. If the input or output current is more than 2a (need to plug heat sink), if the output power is higher than 15 w, advise to add the heat sink. Please do not use with out heatsink for continuous use. Note: The output voltage must be higher than the input voltage. In-in + input positive input negative, positive output out + out-output negative. Test comparison sample reference, input 3v output 12v 0.4a 4.8w input 5v output 12v 0.8a 9.6w input 7.4v output 12v 1.5a 18w input 12v output 15v 2a 30w input 12v output 16v 2a 32w input 12v output 18v 1.6a 28.8w input 12v output 19v 1.5a 28.5w input 12v output 24v 1 a 24w vin x iin x efficiency = vout x iout. Vin: Input voltage. Iin: Input current. Vout: Output voltage. Iout: Output current.The XL6009 step up boost converter a non-isolated step-up voltage converter featuring adjustable output voltage and high efficiency. It runs on a powerful and highly efficient LM2577 performance chip.

This adjustable boost converter is designed with a built in over voltage protection and a built in frequency compensation.
This adjustable DC-DC step up module has a fixed switching frequency of 400KHz. It can use the small capacity of the filter capacitor to achieve a very good and small ripple effect.
The XL6009 step up module is integrated with an adjustable power supply. It works best with a voltage of 5V-32V.
The built in efficient MOSFET switch tube helps in boosting the efficiency upto 94%.

Weight.100 kg
Dimensions10 × 10 × 15 cm

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